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Jose Medina - Miami Divorce Attorney

You need a divorce and you want to get on with your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I can guide you through the storm.

No one benefits from a long drawn out divorce—especially the children.

And the only ones that benefit from traditional divorce litigation are the attorneys?

That’s right, the longer it takes the more we get paid, and that’s not in your best interest, that's why we offer 3 ways to get a divorce.

Medina Law Firm Offers 3 Ways to Get a Divorce
So You Can Have The Best Possible Outcome For Your Situation

You don’t have to wage war to get what you want, but you do need legal counsel in one form or another, and we can provide the ideal solution for your situation. Explore the options and choose the right one for you.


Divorce Mediation

You're on good terms with your spouse, and you're both willing to sit down together with a mediator for the greater good of your family, your sanity and your bank accounts.

Everything that would normally be decided by a judge can be decided by you and your spouse in about 3 hours with me acting as your neutral mediator.

And you’ll be legally divorced in about 3 weeks from the time the paperwork is filed. It’s fast, affordable and much less stressful.​


Collaborative Divorce

You don't want to wage war with your spouse, but your marriage is complicated, maybe a little contentious?

Each spouse wants legal representation, but both are willing to sit down and work out an agreement with mediators and attorneys present.​

It’s a cutting edge approach to divorce, where the client and attorney’s interests are truly aligned, and a drawn out legal battle is avoided.​


Divorce Litigation

When communication between you and your spouse is broken, sometimes litigation is your only option.

With over 20 years of experience in the trenches of divorce court, Jose Medina will handle your case with skill, care and integrity.​

​If your spouse wants to wage war, then you need experienced legal representation.

If You Need an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Miami, to Skillfully Guide You Through Challenging Family Matters,Get in Touch With Medina Law Firm.

We'll help you find the right divorce solutionfor you and your family.

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