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Collaborative Divorce … Where Mediation Meets Litigation For a Healthier, Happier, More Affordable Outcome

What  your Miami collaborative divorce could look like.

Collaborative divorce: The best of both worlds, where mediators and attorneys work together to solve problems quickly -- not rack up legal fees

You and your spouse have agreed to get divorced, and you both want to amicably move on with your lives without added stress and expense.

You’re on speaking terms... Maybe you have kids, cars, some assets to split up, and you also want the added security of having legal representation.

If that sounds like your situation, then you are in a very fortunate position because you're a good candidate for collaborative divorce.

Here’s why you are fortunate if you choose collaborative divorce...

  • You will save untold thousands in unnecessary legal fees.
  • You’ll decide when you see your kids (a judge won’t decide for you.)
  • Your kids will not be dragged through a damaging custody battle.
  • You won’t add more stress or animosity to a difficult situation.
  • You’ll have a better chance of preserving your relationship with your ex.
  • Your divorce won’t be a nightmare, like so many others.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is mediation-based, but it differs from divorce mediation because each party has their own attorney representing their interests…

However, the collective goal of all parties involved is to come to an agreement, as opposed to win a battle… and that’s a distinct difference.

The best part of this is that all parties must sign a contract stating that if they cannot come to an agreement, then both spouses must start over with new attorneys.

That means that no one benefits from dragging the process out, and the attorneys’ and the client’s interests are truly aligned.

“I’m building a new way to ‘uncouple’ — one that helps preserve money, dignity, and relationships.”

Jose Medina - Miami Divorce Attorney

Jose Medina, Esq

“As an experienced family law attorney with over 20 years in the trenches of Dade-County divorce court, I’ll tell you first hand, divorce is rough…

The courts are the last place where you should have your divorce resolved, and you should carefully consider the benefits of the collaborative approach… it’s a better way.

This approach gives people a voice — a platform to be heard and acknowledged — a healthier, happier, alternative to a conventional divorce.

I’d like to bury forever the conventional method of divorce litigation and have people adopt a collaborative approach instead… it just makes more financial and emotional sense.

After we part ways, I care that you have a good relationship with your children, and with their father or mother because that relationship is forever.

I want it to be better for you, not worse after using my services, and the collaborative approach is the best way I know of to close the chapter of your marriage peacefully.”

How Collaborative Divorce Works

Each spouse chooses a certified collaborative law attorney. We represent you, and your spouse is represented by another certified attorney of his or her choice. (We can recommend a good one.)

Then all parties meet to decide how to proceed. Who will we bring in as a mediator? Do we need any experts? (Accountants, child experts, therapists, etc.)

The process works very well. The results are even better, and people don’t fight as much because…

  • They don’t have to provide years worth of financial documents.
  • They’re not scheduled to attend court hearings at inconvenient times.
  • They’re not being deposed by aggressive attorneys.

​We will guide you through this difficult time and show you a better way to uncouple, heal, and—as an added plus—save money and a lot of aggravation.

Preserve Your Savings, Your Dignity,
Your Relationships,
and Your Sanity.

Get a collaborative divorce.
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Still Not Decided if Collaborative Divorce is Right For You?
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Divorce Mediation

You're on good terms with your spouse and you're both willing to sit down together with a mediator for the greater good of your family, your sanity and your bank accounts.

Everything that would normally be decided by a judge can be decided by you and your spouse in about 3 hours with me acting as your neutral mediator.

And you’ll be legally divorced in about 3 weeks from the time the paperwork is filed. It’s fast, affordable and much less stressful.​


Divorce Litigation

When communication between you and your spouse is broken, sometimes litigation is your only option.

With over 20 years of experience in the trenches of divorce court, Jose Medina will handle your case with skill, care and integrity.​

If your spouse wants to wage war, then you need experienced legal representation.