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Divorce FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Divorce in Florida

Q: Why do you charge $100 for a consultation?

What are the legal requirements for me to file for divorce in Florida?

Q: What if my spouse lives in another State?

Q: Do I need to prove that my spouse was/is unfaithful or violent towards me?

Q: I live in Miami-Dade but I work in Broward, does that mean I can file for divorce in either county?

Q: How can I avoid getting wiped out financially in a divorce?

Q: What documents will I need to provide?

Q: Can I get “full custody” over my child?

Q: What is a Guardian ad Litem and what role does he/she play in my divorce?

What kind of visitation can I expect?

Q: Does the amount of time spent by the child with each parent affect child support?

Q: What other factors affect child support?

Q: Am I entitled to or do I have to pay alimony?

Q: Can I get my spouse out of the home right away?

Q: Are there typical stages in a divorce?

Q: Is there an advantage to being the first to file?

Q: Can I obtain a divorce if I don't know my spouse's whereabouts?

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